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Our Professional Team

When you order temp staff you do not know what you are getting.  We take the time to hire experienced staff so no matter who you’re looking for, we have your match. The formality and complexity of your event may require varying skillsets and we’ve assessed our staff’s experience so you can manage your budget and expectations.  We serve you better and help you choose right staff, we introduced Diamond rating for all our staff.

at your service staffing servers, bartenders, catering staff

Our 3 Diamond service policy works like this:

◊◊◊ – Staff members bring with them more than 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry and superior event knowledge. They are versatile, confident, at ease in all event environments and able to provide leadership as captains and supervisors.

◊◊ – Staff members bring 2 to 5 years of industry experience and are capable leaders with a commanding knowledge of events and also able to lead as captains and supervisors.

◊ – Staff members possess the skills and finesse to deliver polished service with 1+ years of hospitality industry experience along with moderate event experience.

Employers – Turn to us when you need to hire

You need the right people for your business and we can help. We’ve done half the work of recruiting professional, positive and memorable staff so when you need to hire, we listen to your needs and help select staff to best match to your environment and add a team member you can trust.

While some agencies may operate on higher margins, rates can also vary due to the differences in the calibre of person that each agency considers most suitable to fulfill a given position. Yes, strike a competitive rate, but also we believe you need to feel reassured the service you’re going to receive is also “fit for purpose.

* All we ask is that you treat our temping and contract staff with the same respect and care you would your own employees.

** Don’t settle for anything less? Get the right person, in the right place, at the right time! Call the At Your Service and Contract  Staff Specialists 24/7 on 403-829-6688.

Contact us year-round at any time by phone, email or fax and let us help you find the right fit for your staff